What is virtual call centre software?

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The expectations of customers today has completely thrown out any older standards. Most expectations are through-the-roof and it’s just not realistic for your skilled agents to handle each one successfully every single time. Even more so if you use a traditional business phone system.

With an upgrade to virtual call centre software, you’ll be able to lower your hold times and boost first call resolution rates. But you have to choose the right provider for you and for your business.

Virtual Call Centre Software

Virtual call centre (VCC) software is a cloud-based business communication platform which optimises any voice communications between customers and agents.

These centres typically eliminate the need for specialised hardware and allow agents and supervisors alike to be geographically disperses. Including working from home. Because as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you’re good to communicate with agents, customers, or supervisors.

There’s better flexibility and mobility with any cloud-based software as it means that you don’t need equipment that’s bulky, expensive, or takes up space. Plus, most call centre software includes digital communication forms such as website chat, social media messaging, and video calling. All in addition to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) voice calling and business SMS.

How Do Virtual Call Centres Work?

Any virtual call centre can be set up across multiple geographic locations, or for any employees that work from home. Because of this, it requires fewer IT sources, thus making it cheaper than traditional call centres.

Basically, they work by using voice over internet protocol. A VoIP phone system breaks up any voice call audio into digital data which travels to its destination via a network connection. Any additional communications between individuals or teams can be done through video conferencing software like Microsoft Team or the ever-popular Zoom.

They are set up to facilitate both inbound and outbound calls, enabling agents to make and receive calls as they need to. Inbound calls are mostly always from current or potential customers needing assistance in a query they have about a product or service. That could be tech support, managing their account, a complaint they have, or some other problem.

Outbound calls are the ones agents make to current or potential customers on behalf of the business.

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What Are The Benefits of Virtual Call Centre Software?

There are multiple advantages that implementing virtual call centre software in your business will bring:

  • Flexibility: Employees will have the ability to work and take calls from anywhere. This means that your business will also be able to hire agents across multiple time zones much easier than if you still worked with traditional systems.
  • Around the Clock Customer Assistance: Because teams can be distributed across multiple time zones, your organisation is enabled in ways that others perhaps are not. Your business can provide assistance to customers whenever they need it – there will always be someone able to respond as many time zones will have a period of overlap. This is great for your business and your customers as it increases satisfaction and strengthens your business reputation.
  • Smaller Office Space Required: With the ability to have agents working from home, other areas in the region (or country), more employees can work in a smaller office environment together.
  • Reduced Costs: Not needing as much office space results in a reduced cost because the office space has a lower maintenance and operating cost. Cloud-based software also reduces the need for servers to be hosted on premises.
  • Ability to Monitor Calls: Even though employees may be working remotely at home or elsewhere, managers or supervisors can still monitor a call that takes place between a call agent and a customer.

The actual implementation of VCC software offers an advantage. It’s cheaper to get installed, not only in cost but in time. There’s no need for installing any hardware equipment so the downtime is reduced, too.

Daktela UK

No matter whether you have 5 users or more than 1000, Daktasaela’s powerful cloud contact centre solution ensures that your business delivers a level of service that is consistent and efficient. It doesn’t matter what communication channel your customers use to get hold of you; they will always get an effective level of service from you.

Select the plan that’s most suitable to your needs and budget. Or you can even design a unique package. There’s a wide range of devices to choose from and with our mobile app, you can work from anywhere.

Our cloud phone, AI, and call centre solutions are helping thousands of businesses deliver five-star customer service. Let yours be one of them. Book a demo with us today.

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