Web Click-To-Call

Our web Click-to-call software allows you to convert casual visitors on your website into potential customers. Daktela Web Click-to-Call gives you the ability to add a call back widget to your website. Now a site visitor can easily enter their contact details and schedule a call back time that is convenient for them. Daktela uses the call back time selected to automatically connect call centre agents to the site visitor at the time they have chosen.



Adding more items to the Web Click-to-Call Widget

By default, the Web-based Click-to-Call widget has the option to enter phone numbers only. However, you can also add other types of input or contact details – and specify if it is mandatory to complete them or not. Additional types of input that are supported include e-mail addresses, text or numbers. The agent can then see all the captions where the customer has entered information when making a call back. This makes it possible to pass additional details such as an internal number or the login details of the customer to the site, and from this information display the customer’s ticket directly to the agent.