Virtual contact centres will improve customer communications

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In this article, we are going to look at how virtual contact centres will improve customer communications, and how your team and business will benefit too.

Providing customers with good service has always been important, after all, businesses with poor service are much more likely to fail, so the process of improving service isn’t a new concept.

There are a few key reasons why good customer communications and service are even more vital today though. Firstly, customers have so many choices now. There are likely multiple providers either selling the same products you do or offering the same service. This means customers don’t have to stand for bad service – they will simply leave and go to one of your competitors.

Secondly, with the advent of social media, customers can be a lot more vocal about your business in a public forum. A negative Tweet about your service can reach thousands in seconds. The risk of reputational damage is far greater when customers can reach so many potential customers in a short amount of time.

Improving Customer Communications

When we talk about customer communications it refers to the exchange of information between your business and the customer. Without this exchange, there is no customer experience and no customer service. Customer communications can be improved with staff training, feedback surveys, and setting policies regarding the time customers have to wait for a response – those sorts of things, but one major way to improve communications is to revamp the way you manage customer communications.

Managing customer communications refers to the methods you use to manage all points of customer contact. The actual software and systems you have in place to facilitate customer communications.

This area of management can’t be overlooked if you want to improve service and retain more customers. Managing customer communications can include solutions like CRM software, chatbots, omnichannel contact centre solutions, and VoIP.

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One of the newer and emerging ways to manage customer communications is via a virtual contact centre. A virtual contact centre has no fixed location and manages all methods of communication. Many businesses are switching to this style of communication management because it can improve customer relationships, reduce business costs, and in many cases is preferential for staff.

How A Virtual Contact Centre Improves Customer Communication

With an omnichannel solution like ours, there is no requirement for a central customer service location. Agents can work from any location, so long as they have the basic equipment and an internet connection. Firstly, working in this way could boost productivity in your team, enabling agents to get through more calls or enquiries, and increase job satisfaction – half of employees say they feel more productive working from home.

For customers, a virtual contact centre solution like ours can:

  • Provide customers with more choices when it comes to contacting you. Via phone, social media, email, or chatbot, with Daktela, your customers have access to convenient ways to communicate.
  • Facilitate extended opening hours, even to operating 24/7. Expanding customer service hours, again, gives customers more control and choice over when they can speak to you.
  • Facilitate a more personalised service. With our powerful CRM solution, or your own solution linked up to our contact centre solution, customer data and all previous interactions are at your agent’s fingertips, enabling agents to deliver a more personalised communication experience.
  • Improve overall service with powerful reporting functions. Comprehensive reporting enables you to assess numerous key performance indicators, feedback to the team and improve service.
  • Give customers a secure way to make payments over the phone, either using their phone keypad or digital links.
  • Reassure customers their information is safe with numerous security features to protect data.
  • Increase call efficiency with crystal clear audio and no delays.
  • Decrease waiting time for customers with intelligent call routing, making sure customers get to speak to the right person, as quickly as possible.

In addition to improving customer communications, a virtual contact centre solution will benefit your business in several ways, and anything that benefits the business will ultimately improve the experience for customers.

A virtual contact centre solution can help you:

  • Reduce costs with simple pricing plans based on users per month
  • Weather business changes – our solution can be scaled up or down
  • Increase staff productivity and job satisfaction

Daktela UK

Whether you have 5 or 5000 users, Daktela has a solution that can help you improve customer communications and boost efficiency. Book a demo today to discover what Daktela can do for your business.

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