VideoChat &

The Daktela solution allows you to offer co-browsing or video chat directly from your website – and there is no need to install anything! The technology is available directly in Daktela system without the requirement for 3rd party apps.

Easy to deploy

It takes just a few minutes to set up deploy co-browsing on your website. All you need is an active web queue and then paste a short HTML code to your webpage. From that moment on, video chat and screen sharing features are instantly available to your customers and contact centre agents. There is no need of any other software application installations or complicated configurations.

Co-browsing and video chat can be initiated from any channel either by providing customers with a one-time link or directly by offering a video chat. Once enabled, you can:

  • Call with co-browsing – a one-time link is sent to customer’s email, which (when clicked on) will connect the customer directly to the agent. In this case, the agent sees the customer’s PC screen and can guide the customer via the call.
  • Call with video chat – If the customer is outside of the home/office or away from their PC and the agent needs to get connected to the customer’s mobile video. The Customer receives SMS with one-time link for mobile video sharing.
  • Web chat with co-browsing – the customer is browsing through your website and is offered a co-browsing option within web chat conversation/window. If the Customer allows screen sharing then tththe agent can navigate the customer directly on the website.

Video chat functionality is supported in most of the modern web browsers including mobile phones.


The look and feel of video chat and co-browsing can be completely customised. If required the agent can offer communication with a web camera or just through screen sharing. You can opt for the co-browsing feature in its basic form to allow you to deploy it quickly and easily or you can opt for the fully customisable option.