Toll-free numbers

Offer your customers free calls to your service centre or share the cost of calls with callers. A toll-free number can be easy to remember, it can spell or mean something from your business and it is valued as a branding and direct response tool in business advertising (eg. 1-800-MERCEDES).



  • Supported VoIP protocols are SIP and IAX2
  • Supported codecs are G729, G711a (alaw), G711u (ulaw), GSM, G722, or OPUS
  • Our SIP trunks can be optionally secured with standardised protocols – SIP TLS and SRTP.
  • Proven compatibility with many vendors – Daktela PBX, Asterisk, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens, Avaya, Broadsoft
  • Technical support is provided 24×7×365, including proactive monitoring to our Network Operations Centre (NOC)