Whether it’s a cloud based contact centre and or general office telephony, we have a range of products designed to meet your business needs.


We are one of very few Hosted Contact Centre vendors who have developed their own integrated and fully supported CRM solution. Our solution can be used as a Ticketing system for fault handling or a true CRM solution with full histories of all customer interactions.

For those customer who already have their own CRM system we are equally able to integrate your system within our solution. We have already developed connectors to a range of popular CRM Solutions including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Google APPs, Azure, Active Directory and Shoptet and we continue to develop our portfolio of integrations as we grow our customer base.


Whilst the UK Contact Centre market is still dominated by voice, email and web chat as the primary channels of customer interactions we are already looking forward and have developed new communication media within our platform using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our solution allows you to create application specific chat bots to handle the simpler customer querries allowing you valued agent resources to focus on the more complex customer interactions. Combining our Chat Bot function with AI allows you to create virtual agents within your Contact Centre.


As well as providing one way SMC functionality allowing your agents to automatically send SMS messages to customers to confirm order, appointments or any form of commitment confirmation, we also provide SMS two way chat functionality.

Using this two way SMS Chat functionality your agents can engage customers in an SMS Chat in much the same way as they use email or web chat allowing customers to quickly and easily communicate with you via their mobile phones


Unlike other Hosted vendors we do not just provide you with the software licences and then let you figure out our for yourself . We provide a level of customer support that not only ensures you are trained effectively on the system, but which also provides ongoing support and monthly customer webinars focused on topics that interest our users to ensure you always get the most from your system.

Our support philosophy comes from the days when our senior management were working at organisation such as Aspect, Avaya, Rockwell and Ericsson names synonymous with high levels of customer support. We have carried over these support principals to the hosted environment and pride ourselves on the way we measure, manage and reward our support teams on results.

We believe that it makes sense to keep customers happy, as this is, by far the best way for us to succeed.






We are very impressed with Daktela. The team took time to listen and understand exactly what we needed and then delivered everything on time, with no false promises.”

Daniel Bernstein, Claritas Hearing

“The all-in-one contact centre has dramatically improved our inbound call handling, reducing both wait times and abandoned call rates. We highly recommend Daktela.”

Donna Meredith, Blue Cross

“Since February 2016, we have had one minor service interruption, which provides a level stability vital to our business.”

Amanda Earlam, UK Call Centre