What is PCI-DSS?

PCI-DDS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council was incorporated 16th Sept 2006. It was established by the global payment card schemes, as a unified standard, to baseline the minimum data security requirements necessary to protect payment card data within any part of the merchant environment.

The changes outlined in 2018 meant that simply protecting stored call recordings from capturing card data was no longer key to compliance, this was only achieved by the removal of all card data from your infrastructure through one of the three approved solutions outlined below.


Pause & Resume

Most Contact Centres use this technique as part of their compliance process. We make Pause & Resume far more robust by adding speech analytics software, scanning all call recordings and removing any sensitive card data. This whilst common is no longer regarded as compliant by the PCI Council.

With a range of technologies designed to support telephone based card payments, we ensure you choose the right solution to match both your own business requirements and your customers’ preferences to ensure you are compliant with the latest PCI guidelines.

Compliance via Voice Suppression

The easiest and simplest way of achieving compliance without changing your customer interaction. By collecting card information through the customers’ own phone we take your agents out of scope for compliance, whilst all the time remaining on the call.

Compliance via Telephone Based IVR

If you do not require your customer to remain on the call while the payment is made you can use this technique. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology allows your customers to make payments using their telephone keypad at a time which best suits them.

Compliance via Digital Links

This technology easily converts a telephone based payment into a secure e-commerce transaction. It takes your agents completely out of scope for compliance, all while your agents remain on the call with the customer.


All of these functions are available from Daktela and can easily be integrated into our system, please contact us for more information.