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Daktela Partnership Highlights

Whether you are a Referral Partner or a Channel Partner, Daktela’s communication solution has a wide range of features, but we’ve noticed that our customers particularly love highlighting:

Unlike many other vendors, our platform is a full Omni Channel solution which allows customers to select the degree of functionality, from simple voice-only solutions right through to complex solutions supporting email, webchat, video chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and Chatbots.

One of the essential requirements of any Contact Centre solution is its ability to integrate with other platforms. Whether they are industry-standard applications, i.e., Salesforce, Teams, Microsoft 365 or bespoke software used in your contacts’ own industry, the Daktela platform’s Open API allows an unparalleled level of integration.

Being able to personalise the customer journey is a key factor in ensuring an effective customer relationship. Our ability to provide a wealth of real-time and historical information on all customer activities ensures we can provide you with the information to achieve this.

Moving to the cloud brings many benefits, including reductions in cost and business flexibility, but any move must be to a resilient cloud network. Unlike many vendors, we do not use standard AWS or Azure platforms. We manage our own Public Cloud infrastructure, ensuring we provide our customers with the highest level of resilience.
Many of our team have considerable experience in the provision of Contact Centre solutions and we believe we are the ONLY modern cloud vendor who understands the principles and importance of effective support for our customers. We bring these values to our Cloud service.

Together with support and functionality, we understand that pricing is a key factor in decisions made about Contact Centre Solutions. To reflect this, we only charge for what is used and allow you to pick and choose functionality based on your people’s skillsets. We offer a range of contracts from monthly to three and five years and can even amortise any set-up fees across the contract duration to reduce capital spend for your customers. 

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UK Partner Programme

Flexible partnerships designed for growth

We work with partners of all shapes and sizes from various industries.

The Daktela partner programme allows you to be as hands-on or off as you like as you bring unique value to your current business relationships.

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Referral partner

Referral partnerships make the most of your relationships. Simply introduce Daktela to someone who requires our product or service.

We do everything behind the scenes, and you receive a monthly commission for the duration of their contract. 

Channel partners

Channel partnerships allow you to add Daktela’s feature-rich solution to your product or service offering.

With Daktela’s open API, you can bring your own expertise, creating a joint enterprise that benefits both parties.

We will support you as much as you need, and you choose the resale margin. 

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Be part of the Daktela partner programme and bring unique value to your current business relationships.

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