Outbound Calling

Outbound campaigns are used for pro-active calls to customers. The Daktela Campaign Module allows you to easily import phone numbers, including a clear web-based call-script configuration that will be displayed to agents while in the call. Current state and performance of campaigns, including agent performance, are recorded and displayed in real-time statistics and reports. The system supports manual, progressive, preview, robotic and predictive outbound campaigns.



Preview dialling

Preview (manual) dialling allows agents to dial calls manually by clicking the call button. Before a number is dialled, the agent will see the contact form and can then dial the call directly from the form. When the call has finished, the agent must manually select the call status and close the form manually.

Progressive dialing

In the case of progressive dialling, Daktela will display a contact form so the agent can check for a defined period of time. Consequently, the system itself calls the contact and the agent is fully allocated for this call. In the case of no answer, the form closes automatically and retrieves another form. In the case of successful call, the agent completes and then closes the form.

Predictive dialling

Daktela predictive dialler is an outbound call processing system designed to maintain a high level of utilisation and cost efficiency within the contact centre. The dialler automatically calls a list of telephone numbers, screens the unnecessary calls such as answering machines and busy signals, and then connects a waiting representative with the customer.


Robotic calls are used for automated telephone calls initiated by an autodialer without human interaction. This is a special outbound campaign, when Daktela automatically makes outbound calls according to the rules set in advance. If the Robocaller call is successful, it is possible to continue with a number of actions – for example, to play a prerecorded or text-to-speech message (e.g. credit status) or invite the caller to answer some questions and then process it using speech analysis and react accordingly.


Integration with external systems

The Daktela platform offers programmed API for integration with external systems. Active contact centre customers use Daktela API mainly for automatic import of data into campaigns, obtaining results from calls made by the agent or downloading of call records. Some customers download raw data about calls, agents and campaigns for further processing and analysing. For example, you can use a ready-made plug into applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Sugar CRM etc

Real time performance statistics

Daktela provides a variety of reports about the operation of active contact centres, which are calculated in real time. There are available tools like realtime panel or LCD wallboard which can be customised using predefined widgets. Historical reports are available for displaying important parameters like availability, trending over time, number of orders, performance of agents and much more.

Campaign Database

We tried to make the administration of phone numbers in campaigns easier and more user friendly. In Daktela for each campaign you can create more databases of phone numbers and when importing new phone numbers you can specify which database the chosen phone number belongs. Databases in campaigns can be paused or active. You can have a combination of active databases in campaigns at the same time. Paused database is used when the call answer rate or overall database quality is too low.