Inbound call centre

The Daktela Inbound call centre offers conditional call routing using context-based inputs combined with a range of dynamic selection capabilities. The Call centre core is based on the Incoming call queues and IVR menus and manages queues using direct phone numbers (DID, DDI). The calls are then routed to agents logged in the queues.



Intelligent call routing

Daktela call queues enables intelligent call routing of incoming calls to agents. For example, the function LastAgent enables a priority routing of incoming call to the agents, who spoke with the customer within the last few hours. The customer does not have to explain his/her problem again, because he/she is served by the same agents.

Call routing based on data from the external system

Daktela can link to an external system (eg. your CRM or ERP) to determine how incoming calls into the call centre are routed and where or how the incoming call should be transferred. An example might be the implementation of customer segmentation, by which the external system returns information, whether the calling customer is a new user or an existing customer. Based on this information, the system then transfers the call automatically into the correct call queue and to the right agent.

Support of external and mobile users

Daktela supports remote working for external staff for example, from a home office. All they need is internet access and a web browser. It also supports people using mobile phones, people can answer their incoming calls on their mobile phones and these calls are also recorded and reported in statistics.