If you haven’t already switched your telephone to the cloud now is the time

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The switch-off has begun. Find out why you should move your business telephone systems to the cloud - sooner rather than later.

With the ISDN switch-off looming, energy costs rising, and technological advances, many businesses are moving to cloud telephony.

Here we look at how Cloud phones work, why BT is switching ISDN off, and some of the many benefits to businesses.

What is Cloud Telephony?

A simple definition of cloud telephony is a phone system accessed over the internet. This means that instead of storing the network and routing elements of a business phone system in your office, cloud-based telephony takes everything offsite to a secure network.

Cloud-based phones are also known as Internet Calling or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

What is ISDN and what is the BT switch off?

In 2015, BT announced they would turn off Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN) by 2025, meaning landlines would no longer be active.

ISDN is old-fashioned technology and demands on networks have vastly changed. So new technology is needed to support modern requirements.

In 2025, everyone will be forced to move to the Cloud as BT will switch off all ISDN telephone services for good.

“59.7% businesses in the UK are unaware of the BT Switch Off”


Move to cloud telephony now to beat the rush

As part of the phased switch-off, in September this year, you will no longer be able to purchase traditional analogue or ISDN phone systems.  With little technical and network support, if you are still using these systems are likely to suffer critical errors in your business.

Many businesses have already moved to a cloud telephony solution, safeguarding their business and beating what may probably be an eleventh-hour rush. 

Reduce and control costs 

In today’s financial climate, businesses find cost reduction and control a significant motivation for moving to the cloud.

Spiralling energy prices are dramatically adding to the cost of running a business.  No matter your business size, you can immediately reduce your running costs by switching to the cloud if you’re still using a traditional phone system. 

Cloud phones are the most cost-efficient solution as they allow you to save money on hardware and associated repair and upgrade costs. Other savings include reducing energy consumption, eliminating maintenance fees, competitive call rates and free software upgrades – all of which can help you with your bottom line.

Scale and adapt with ease 

Cloud telephony can adapt and grow with your business needs. Everything is in the cloud, so all the complexity is moved off your premises. 

You can easily set up new employees, add new office locations and quickly work around unpredictable business changes. 

Cloud phones also allow you to work from anywhere, so you can easily offer remote or hybrid working options.  

Improve operations with advanced features 

It’s no secret that customers who have a great experience will buy again, be loyal, and recommend your business.  

Cloud telephony gives you access to voicemail, Interactive Voice Response, Call routing capabilities, and more advanced features. All for a fraction of the usual cost. 

Imagine calling two businesses – one that plays a professional welcome message and provides a menu that immediately guides you to the department you’d like to talk to. The other is hard to reach, making you wait and ricochet between departments until you find the right person to talk to. Which experience would you prefer to deliver?

With a wide range of powerful calling features, cloud telephony can significantly enhance your business’s professional image and help you deliver the service customers expect.

Future technology today 

It is essential that you choose a system that will work for you today and enable you to change in the future. 

Customer demands are changing. With Webchat, social media, SMS and email all at hand, customers increasingly expect to contact businesses on the methods they prefer to use.

The next step to cloud telephony is to connect all the available communication channels in one piece of software. It might not be relevant to your business today, but it is worth considering if your provider has a modular system so you can easily try out and add channels in the future.

Conclusion: 2025 is closer than you think.

Get ahead of the curve and start planning your migration today.  We are on a mission to spread the word about the Great British ISDN Switch off. We are helping businesses to understand what is involved and how they can get ahead of the competition.

We can also help you with a free audit of your communications, so you can understand what needs to happen in your business to prepare for the switch-off.

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