Daktela Robocaller

Daktela Robocaller is used to set up automated, robotic dialling of contacts, without agents. This is a special outbound campaign with phone numbers that the Daktela system dials automatically according to your set up definitions.



Programming API interface

Daktela Robocaller provides an API interface which enables you to automatically import contacts from your information system and feed back the call results from the finished calls. Together with the phone number of a contact it is possible to import other call metadata which can be used when dialling. When Daktela Robocaller dials the contacts, it can play automatic voice prompts together with other dynamically imported metadata about the due date and any amount due using the text to speech technology.

Practical usage examples of Daktela Robocaller

  • Automated cash collection – for example with displaying the amount invoiced or repayment due
  • Public opinion surveys
  • Automated customer satisfaction surveys
  • Marketing campaigns