Daktela Facebook Messenger

Daktela Facebook Messenger is an unique communication channel which should be part of any modern contact centre. It allows quick and simple interconnection of your Facebook customers with Daktela`s contact centre operators. Customers can contact your company via Facebook Messenger by sending a private message, which is then handled by a contact centre operator based on predefined priorities and call routing strategies.



Processing multiple Facebook Messenger accounts

Daktela allows you to connect each Facebook Messenger account with its own individual queue, when created. The number of Facebook queues is not limited and this makes it possible to manage more Facebook sites within one contact centre, which have a Facebook Messenger enabled. In each Facebook queue you can add various priorities or ringtones strategies.




Facebook chat reports and statistics

Daktela provides a wide range of predefined Facebook chats reports which are displayed in real time. There are tools like realtime panel or LCD wallboard, which enables the use of predefined wallboard widgets to build perfectly customised wallboards. The most commonly used reports are for example: number of Facebook chats in various queues, SLA, length of the chats and individual agent performance.

Integration with Helpdesk and CRM

Daktela Facebook Messenger is integrated into the CRM system and Helpdesk. At the beginning of the chat the agent sees the customer’s contact card with complete communication history and all open and resolved helpdesk tickets. Once the chat is closed, the activity is automatically assigned to the communication history of the CRM contact. The agent can easily create a new helpdesk ticket from the Facebook chat or he/she can assign it to the existing one.