Daktela CRM

Daktela Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be included as an integral part of your solution, so you can track and manage all customer interactions on one platform. One of the main functions is the automatic communication history that displays before your customer connects. This fully prepares your agents with access to previous calls, emails, SMS, chat tickets and notes, and gives your customers a better service.



API and synchronisation with external systems

Daktela CRM provides a public API to enable integration with external systems. We have already implemented a number of projects dealing with automatic synchronisation of CRM contacts with third-party ERP and CRM systems.

Advanced call routing based on CRM data

Daktela platform enables advanced call routing based on data stored in integrated Daktela CRM or in an external CRM using REST API. A typical scenario is the implementation of customer segmentation – this is when you need to route incoming calls from VIP customers to a VIP queue (staffed by experienced agents) and other calls to other queues. In this case, you just need to have by CRM contacts a flag of VIP customer and Daktela can follow this flag when routing calls.

Snapshots – history of changes

Daktela CRM automatically saves changes of contact or company to the change history – which we call snapshots. Any change is one click away, so you can check anytime who and when edited the contact.