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Supper & Daktela

Watch our video to see how Daktela supports SUPPER’s expanding team with seamless communication solutions for both their customers and employees.

As a premium food delivery service, SUPPER collaborates with London’s iconic restaurants and brands. With Daktela, they efficiently manage calls, webchats, emails, and SMS text messages, ensuring exceptional service at every touchpoint.

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Notino & Daktela​

For over 15 years, Daktela has been a trusted partner in managing Notino’s customer communications, evolving alongside them to ensure the seamless handling of all communication channels. This enables Notino to consistently deliver exceptional service to their customers.

Today, Notino operates in over 27 countries with online stores and an expanding network of retail shops. Watch our video here to find out more about how Daktela supports their contact centre operations, seamlessly managing calls, emails, webchats, and Facebook Messenger interactions. 

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TicketPortal & Daktela

One of Europe’s leading ticket sale platforms, TicketPortal, started using our AI chatbot in 2021.

In the first year, it handled 107,000 queries without human intervention and 1,495 work hours saved per month!

Today, the chatbot resolves 93% of all queries independently,  forwarding the remaining 7% to the Customer Support Team with the complete conversation history. 

EMED & Daktela

Explore how Daktela enhances the operations of EMED Group, the UK’s leading healthcare and specialist transport providers.

With Daktela’s cloud-based solution, EMED has revolutionised patient and customer interactions bringing all their communications into one central hub.

Daktela supports 360 contact centre staff, by consolidating disparate communication tools into a unified platform, improving efficiency and ensuring exceptional service quality across all sites.

Golden Charter & Daktela

Discover how Daktela powers Golden Charter, one of the UK’s leading funeral plan providers, to future-proof their customer communications.

By transitioning to Daktela’s cloud-based communication software Golden Charter efficiently manages over 200 users handling calls, emails, and potentially future SMS and WhatsApp communications.

This not only ensures compliance with new regulatory standards but also enhances their customer service.

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"Daktela is cost-effective, secure, and scalable. It has everything we need”

Ciaran O’Toole Chief Technology Officer – Golden Charter

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