Call Steering – Call Routing Using Speech Recognition

Daktela supports Call Steering – a technology that allows to you to take advantage of today’s rapidly evolving Speech Recognition technology. By building your own logic over incoming calls, Call Steering effectively replaces the legacy Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functionality. Callers into your Contact Centre no longer have to navigate through annoying voice-driven menus. Now customers can speak commands directly to the Daktela system, stating which team or person they wish to be connected to. They are then connected through to the correct agent for their query.

Call Steering also allows for more complex speech recognition work flows that deliver an even smoother customer-to-agent support experience – saving you even more time and call handling resources by reducing wait times, managing call queues more efficiently and providing an improved support experience.

For example, let’s assume a customer calls into a Travel Agency and hears the recorded message: “Hello, you have reached Travel Agency XY. If you are interested in a specific destination, please say the name of the destination after the tone and you will be connected to an agent who can assist you with your query”. The system instantly analyses the customer’s speech and the call is automatically routed to the appropriate agent.



  • Routing of incoming calls to the right agent based on recognition of an individual’s name
  • Routing of customer calls to a particular team or department without the need for fixed or generalised IVR call menus (just need to say e.g.: ‘sales’, ‘technical support’, etc.)
  • Verification of the caller’s identity based on specific reference number listed in a contract document
  • Recognition of streams of spoken text and/or numbers, (for example a Car License Number) when used in the insurance sector to log a claim prior putting through to the correct agent
  • Outbound call campaigns, for example in automated customer satisfaction surveys where the customer may be asked to verbally evaluate a product or service with a score. This may be accompanied by an additional comment that is logged as text in a transcript


If you would like to learn more about Call Steering or Daktela’s call management solutions please contact us.