Streamlining Communication with Daktela’s GPT Feature

Daktela GPT

In the dynamic world of customer service, efficiency and effective communication are key. Businesses are constantly on the lookout for tools and features that can streamline their processes, making them more efficient and effective in handling customer queries and concerns. One such tool that is making waves in the industry is Daktela’s GPT feature. The […]

Leveraging AI for Efficient Customer Service

Customer Service AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves in various industries, and customer service is no exception. One area where AI has shown significant promise is in enhancing customer self-service, a critical aspect of modern customer service strategies. By automating common requests and providing immediate responses, AI can make customer self-service more efficient and effective, leading […]

Enhancing Customer Service On-the-Go: A Deep Dive into Daktela’s Mobile App

Daktela's Mobile App

In the digital age, mobile apps have become a crucial tool for businesses, particularly in the realm of customer service. They offer a convenient and efficient way for customers to interact with businesses, and for businesses to manage their customer service operations. One such app that stands out in this regard is Daktela’s mobile app. […]

Boosting Business Outreach with Daktela’s Bulk SMS Feature

Bulk SMS

In the digital age, effective business outreach is more important than ever. With customers spread across various platforms and channels, businesses need to find ways to reach their audience effectively and efficiently. One tool that has proven to be incredibly effective in this regard is bulk SMS. Bulk SMS, or bulk messaging, is a method […]

How Daktela’s Omnichannel Call Centre Software Integrates with WhatsApp

Daktela Whatsapp

Let’s take a look at how Daktela integrates with WhatsApp. In the bustling landscape of today’s business world, communication is king. It’s the lifeblood that keeps businesses thriving, customers engaged, and operations running smoothly. And in this digital age, where customers are just as likely to send a WhatsApp message as they are to pick […]

Boosting Business Efficiency: How Daktela’s Omnichannel Contact Centre Integrates with Your Favourite Tools

Omnichannel Contact Centre

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, having a streamlined, efficient, and robust communication system is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Enter Daktela, a revolutionary omnichannel contact centre solution designed to simplify and enhance business communication. By seamlessly integrating a vast array of platforms into one sophisticated app, Daktela endeavours to transform the way […]

The Differences Between Customer Care, Service and Experience

Customer Service, Care and Experience

In the world of business, the phrases ‘customer care’, ‘customer experience’, and ‘customer service’ are often bandied about as if they were one and the same. However, each term carries its own unique meaning and understanding these differences can help businesses like yours to better serve your customers. In this blog post, we will delve […]

Is Cloud Calling Right For Your Business?

Cloud Calling for Business

As technology continues to advance and reshape the way we communicate, businesses are constantly on the lookout for efficient and cost-effective solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Cloud calling has emerged as a popular choice for many organisations, offering a host of benefits and features. But is cloud calling the right fit for your […]

Everything Your Business Needs to Know About the BT Switch Off

BT Phone Switch Off

The impending BT switch off is a major event that will have significant implications for businesses across the UK. As the analogue phone network prepares to fade into history, it’s crucial for your business to understand what this transition means and how to navigate it successfully. In this blog post, we’ll shed light on the […]

Unlocking the Potential of AI for Customer Service

AI Chat Bot

The rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought forth a new era of innovation across multiple industries, and customer service is no exception. AI-powered tools like chatbots and voicebots are revolutionising the way businesses communicate with their customers, offering increased efficiency and improved experiences. In this blog post, we’ll explore the potential of AI […]