5 ways to increase productivity in a business

increase productivity

Increasing productivity in businesses has been the subject of many studies and is something usually on the mind of most business leaders. Increased employee productivity is getting as much value from your team as possible in an allotted amount of time.

This leads to benefits for the business such as increased revenue and client retention, employees who are doing a good job are also more likely to enjoy their work. Being productive and meeting goals feels good!

In this article, we are going to look at five simple ways to increase productivity in a business.

Increasing Productivity

Increasing productivity in a business isn’t about standing behind your employees and yelling at them to go faster and work harder! That won’t make employees work harder or gain you any fans. Boosting productivity is about helping employees reach their goals and facilitating changes that enable them to do their jobs efficiently.

In other words…productivity is your responsibility, not your team’s. Here are five simple ways to increase productivity in a business.

Offer Employees Work Flexibility

Whilst your business may not be able to offer employees much flexibility around the hours they work – core business hours are core business hours, working from home increases productivity for many people. There have been numerous studies done on homeworking and in most cases, working from home does boost productivity. It isn’t fully understood why but could be a combination of increased feelings of wellbeing, a better work-life balance, and being able to concentrate in a more productive environment. Setting your team up with home working needn’t be complex either. So long as they have a device to access their work and an internet connection, people can do all sorts of work from home.

Make Your Teams Job Easier

Yes really! If you want your employees to be more productive, then you should make their jobs easier! We don’t mean to give them less work – just allow them to work smarter by removing obstacles that make their jobs difficult. Take a look at all your processes and allow employees to feedback on aspects of their job they find difficult. What can you do to overcome these difficulties and make things work more smoothly? For example, if an employee must switch between multiple platforms or solutions to find the information they are looking for, this isn’t a defect they have…it’s something you need to fix!

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Set Clear Goals And Review Them

It’s a fact that employees will work harder, feel more motivated, and gain a better sense of job satisfaction when they have clear goals or targets, and someone to routinely review these goals with, in a collaborative manner. Team goals are great and it’s vital managers work with their teams to help them reach goals. The key to successful goal setting is to keep goals simple! Don’t set employees up for failure with unrealistic goals. Invest in solutions that let you report on goals and productivity too – if expectations and goals are highly visible and transparent, employees are much more likely to be on board with working to achieve them.

Improve Team Workflow

Helping employees reach peak productivity will be incredibly difficult if there is no real workflow organisation within your team. Map out workflow, who handles what, and who is responsible for every single task. If necessary, separate your team into separate task forces. Just ensure that everyone is clear on what they are doing and when. In many cases, employees are more productive when they’re focused on one task too – multi-tasking does not help with productivity.  For example, it’s common for call centres to break teams up into different segments that are focused on one task, such as outbound calls.

Invest In Technology  

Don’t discount technology when it comes to boosting productivity – there is a piece of tech that can help your employees with just about everything these days. From artificial intelligence to automated systems, wherever you can, invest in technology that can pick up tasks that would normally involve more human input. This isn’t about replacing people but about combining productive employees with technology to maximise the output of your business. If your team is already running at max capacity and are very productive, your business should be golden – adding technology into the mix to pick up even more tasks could mean your business grows even further than you imagined.

Daktela UK

Daktela provides a range of solutions designed to help businesses improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and make their teams more efficient. In fact, solutions like our omnichannel contact centre system can help with all five tips mentioned in this article!

Powerful reporting that enables you to set goals, customisable dashboards so your team can see where they are up to, integrations that make their jobs easier and remove the need to switch between solutions, and even the ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Our contact centre solution is an all-around productivity booster!

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