Artificial Intelligence is the hottest topic in the contact centre world, but are we rushing ahead without getting the basics right?

There’s no doubt AI, chatbots and social media are set to transform customer communication. It’s something we champion ourselves.

The problem is that many companies are focusing on new technology, before getting the fundamentals right.

Look at email, it’s still the second most popular communication channel in contact centres. So it stands to reason that this area gets the focus and attention it deserves.

If you have emailed companies for support before, then you’ll have seen it. A cold impersonal auto-response, sometimes with a reference number or ticket. The expectation being that you’ll get a response in a few days.

There is absolutely no reason for this. Emails should be given the same consistent level of service as all other channels and in fact the base level is so low that little changes can provide maximum benefits to your customers.

Solutions such as ours allow you to word spot on email content or subject line to prioritise topics and route emails to the people most likely to be able to answer the querry.

We can also track individual performance in responding, in exactly the same was as for a voice call. Our solution can allow you to create auto response to specific queries using pre-formed templates leaving your people to only deal with the emails that require human interaction.

To achieve all of the above and provide an effective email response to your customers you don’t even need to change your underlying email system as our solution works with email platforms such as Outlook and Google Mail etc.

It’s really time we focused on improving the basics such as email communication, as well as considering new communication media.


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