Steve McSherry | February 2019

Dialler companies often make extravagant claims about the productivity improvements associated with predictive diallers – but are these figures real?

In short any type of dialler, if used correctly, will increase agent productivity, when compared to manual dialling. The question you must ask is: Does this increase justify your investment?

The attraction of a dialler is the assumption that the more customers you contact the more business you get.

These factors include:

  • List data quality

  • Your system recycle rules

  • The number and skillset of your people

  • The chosen market

  • The effectiveness of your message; and

  • The quality of the technology you employ

So, what’s the easy solution? Work with someone who understands the challenges and how to overcome them.

Our dialler focuses on providing measurements to our customers that show list penetration rates to assess data quality at all times. We guide you on the best and most effective ways of recycling this data, we provide comprehensive information on all users to allow you to reward your star performers and we provide a quality of technology at a price that is unmatched.

In fact, the only things we cannot do for you is choose your market and decide what you sell, otherwise we can provide everything you need to support an effective outbound marketing operation.

Take a look at how our dialler works and how easy it is to set up – arrange a demonstration below or call us on 0800 470 2159